Hello Spring, Hello Good Health!

Hello Spring, Hello Good Health! - Max Sweets

Spring cleaning is here. Say bye-bye to sugar and high carb foods that deplete you and say hello to our deliciously energizing good-for-you sugar free marshmallows and sugar free candy!

"The consumption of sugar and of other relatively pure carbohydrates has become so great during recent years that it presents a serious obstacle to the improved nutrition of the general public."

Unbelievably this was written back in 1942 by The Council on Foods and Nutrition. Yet today, over 80 years later little has been done to improve this. Between sugar laden sodas, high calorie treats and sugar being added unnecessarily to food staples such as bread, we consume more sugar than ever.

Max Sweets sugar free marshmallow founder

After a serious Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis 17 years ago, our inspirational Founder Shari realized the path to restoring health in her body was through nutrition. She realized the most crucial dietary decision was to keep carbs at a minimum and eliminate sugar from her diet. We’re talking about the sugar found in all those delicious treats we crave, like cookies, candies, and marshmallows. And through this journey the idea for Max Mallow sugar free marshmallows was born! You can learn more about Shari here.

Max mallow sugar free marshmallows- good health

Here at Max Sweets our mission is to create sugar free treats that are functional and good for you, so can indulge a little without the harmful health effects of sugar. For example our zero net carb sugar free marshmallows have 1g of protein and 2g fiber per serving and fueled with MCT oil and collagen! Head over to our Max Sweets store to shop our range of sugar free marshmallows, vegan marshmallows and sugar free candy.

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