what is ketosis

so what is ketosis?

Simple! It's burning fat for energy (not sugar!) to maintain a healthy mind and metabolism. Consuming healthy, nutrient dense fats such as medium chain triglycerides (MCTs), clarified butters and omega fatty acids first thing in the morning supports ketosis. 

the science is easy!

When you use fat for energy, you burn fat.  When you use carbs for energy, you store fat. It's a Know Brainer to break fast with Know Brainer each and every morning!


How does Know Brainer improve your workout? The medium chain triglycerides found in organic grassfed
ghee and MCT oil aid in weight loss and mental clarity. MCT's do not go through the lymphatic system,
they are transported directly to the liver creating a multitude of ketones for fuel. My portable
sachets are a convenient solution to the butter coffee mess and a perfect gym bag accessory.

why keto-ish?

I believe in the keto-ish way of doing things. My philosophy is based on the ketogenic diet (learn more here) which continuously burns fat throughout your day. My way is less strict and gives you a little more wiggle room.  Your body will naturally make healthier choices when it feels satiated and fueled with Know Brainer.  But have no fear! I am 100% ketogenic and my casein and lactose-free products are 100% paleo, FODMAP and Whole 30 approved.